We start up Luggae Express as our family bussiness in Amserdam Netherland. By our travelling experience we notice that so many people have problem with theirs luggage during to theirs departure time with whole family , children, older people. And some time alone to fall critical situation and you don't know what to do about your luggage! It is not fun to caught this type of situation in your vacation.

Therefore we like to easy, comfortable and freely move without your luggage in your holidy.

We try our best to make your comfortable journey.

We Guarantee

You relax after book your luggage online. You just book your luggage and we take care the rest. We guarantee it will pick up from your place and arrive on time at the airport. We gurantee our service, employs and low price. Luggage Express pick up and devevery on-time.
We are obsessed with improving our process and lowering our prices, and we believe we are the best we are trying to make easier your vacation.

We Make Better And Easier Your Vacation

You don't need to worry or sit with your luggage. You should not waste your time with looking after your luggage in your holiday. Espand your time and enjoy your day without your luggage until your departure. You book online and we will pick up your luggage from the hotel, B&B or Cruise and keep it in our secure luggage storage with full insurence in the airport. 

How We Do IT

We take full responsibility for your luggage from pick up until delevery to you at the airport. We want you have more time and a hassle free day without your luggage. Book online your luggage now.

  • Your luggage secure and safe with us
  • With full insurence against damage or lost.
  • Your luggage information is under our secure database tracking technology pick up to delevery.
  • Best price guarantee & hassle free.

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